Saturday, November 8, 2008

My lack of blogging

A friend asked me the other night why I haven't been blogging. I hung my head in shame and searched for an explanation, not quite realizing myself why I had not been plugged into my blog. Then it hit me like a lego thrown by a two year old....

I wasn't blogging about mothering because I was mothering!

I was up past midnight and then the next day sewing an "authentic" Indian costume ( complete with wig) for a eight month old. I put on a Halloween party for four, yes I said four, two year olds and their mothers and siblings. Then I got the flu followed by my husband and infant. I won't mention all the mundane tasks of cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping and trying to get my toddler to library story time and some play dates.

I choose to watch my 2 year old play in a pile of freshly raked leaves and try to help my 8 month old to start to army crawl. I even tried to squeeze in some quiet time with my hubby.

I could feel my guilt start to slowly melt away. I was mothering.... I was taking a moment because me and my family needed one. Just one more lesson for me to learn on this journey. Sometimes we let something go that we love to do something for the ones that we love. The kids will grow up and go away and my hubby will buy a boat and go fishing alot :) I will have plenty of time to blog, read, and take walks. I will only have one opportunity to see my baby princess crawl for the first time.