Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Using Nature to decorate for fall!

We are trying our best to be good stewards of money these days. I will confess right now, that I have a TON of fall decorations that I have collected over the years! That doesn't stop me from seeing new decorations and wanting to add to my collection!

In this last year, however, I have found that my very favorite decorations are the ones that God himself created :)

I have been going out with the kidlets to collect gorgeous leaves. (Which leads to lots of talks about trees, squirrels and other random stuff :) ) We also have been on the lookout for long branches that we can tie some orange ribbons to. Anything that doesn't carry bugs and won't rot is fair game for some cheap and beautiful decorations!

Here are some leaves that we collected and let dry. (They curl so pretty!) I placed them in a glass cylinder and even put a candle on top. And guess what?! They are from 2 years ago!!

They keep beautifully and are free.....and that works for this mama!

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