Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guilty pleasures

I really try to be selective in most things that I watch. I have learned that the things I let in my mind stay there. I would rather put lovely things there than some junk from a horror movie. These things have a way of scaring you when your alone and hear a noise. I always think " why did I watch that junk? "

That being said I have found myself watching a total nonsense show. You know the type of show that is a train wreck. Its so horrific but you can't look away. I normally would be too embarrassed to admit this but talking to my girlfriends I found out that they too have their guilty pleasure shows as well. So here it goes....

Hello. My name is Susan and I am addicted to "Jo and Slade; date my ex" Its crazy. There is no redeeming quality to this show that is not shallow, pathetic and void of morals. I will blame it on the fever that I had. It affected my mind. All the same I found myself programming my DVR to tape upcoming episodes. Let me drag my girlfriends into my embarrassment too. If I am going down so are they..... their shows include but are not limited to....
Rock of Love, the Tori and Dean show, Denise Richards show, Big Brother, The Real World, and The Hills.

Maybe its because when we became married with children our drama was limited to a problem with the backyardigans DVD. I am not sure but I thought admitting I have a problem is the first step. :) What is your guilty pleasure?

Daddy's recipe of the week

Ok I admit I am a total slacker this week..... its not exactly a recipe its more a product that my darling husband brought home.

Cinnamon chips. They sell them in the chocolate chip section. They are little chips but they taste like cinnamon. They make everything better!!! I have used them in cookie recipes forever. ( They really jazz up oatmeal raisin cookies !! )

When my hubby wanted to use them I raised my eyebrows. He then however put them in some pancake mix and made the best pancakes I have ever had in my life. So I thought I would pass it on. Its definitely worth a try!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Its official... I'm getting old

I am starting to recognize that some of the things I enjoy in life has drastically changed in the last couple of years...

The first thing is that I have started to do crossword puzzles. he he he I am giggling b/c I used to read Cosmo, looking for some sultry love advice and how to get a man. Now I have a man.... actually I have two but one of them has to wear a diaper and throws fits. ( I won't say which one ) Anywho.... Gone are the Cosmo days and now are the crossword days. Its as much as keeping my mind sharp after countless rounds of the wheels on the bus as fun. I actually look forward to long car rides b/c I may get to do 2 puzzles. Woohoo!!

I am not the only one. One of my best friends recently confided that she is really into sudoku. She said she really gets into it ... I least I know I am not alone. When I went to go get my latest crossword puzzle book, the young teenybopper sales clerk told me that her grandmother really liked them too. That makes me feel better.

Another thing that I have noticed is that one of my favorite things to do is read the Sunday paper over a cup of coffee before church. ( Actually the cartoons and sales ads... enjoyable all the same to me ) I remember wondering why in the world would anyone enjoy reading the paper and -blek- drinking coffee..... Boy how times have changed.

No menu plan Monday this week

Sorry girls. With my entire house having the flu, and us heading to the lake this week I am just not cooking. I mean I'm feeding my children :) I'm just not cooking.... I will be better next week :)