Friday, November 19, 2010

Pregnancy is...well pregnancy is weird.... Morning Sickeness!

I am currently baking my third child. I will tell you that this is a child we have prayed for and God has richly blessed us with one more!

However.....that does not change the weirdness of pregnancy. I would like to talk about some of the 1st trimester weirdness. (You know because now that I am out of all that ickyness, I can laugh about it!)

Morning sickness-

Yeah. Right.

Whoever the genius was that came up with this term, never experienced the lovely condition. I WISH I was only sick in the morning. That would have been lovely.

Instead, I was sick every minute and every hour of the day. I would even get up in the middle of the night to get sick. Morning sickness my foot.

But I'm not sirree bob!!

Speaking of my favorite condition, many who have never been pregnant compare morning sickness to having the stomach flu. WRONG!!! Its hard to describe to someone who has never been blessed with child but it goes something like this.

The minute you get done getting sick, or if your like me, in the middle of it...your thinking about what you can eat next. Weird. I told ya! Never in my life of having the stomach flu have I been thinking about food. Yet, there I was hugging the toilet for all I was worth, trying not pee my pants. (A present from my first two...weak bladder) thinking about what I could eat when I was done.

One of my girlfriends told me that the only time she didn't feel sick, was when she was eating. She laughed and confessed that she just kept eating all the time. I say "whatever works for you sister! No judgement here!"

Then you have to deal with the ramifications of what you ate before you got really sick and never...ever...wanting to eat that again. If you are really a sickie like me, you start to run out of things that even sound halfway edible.

I got to the point where I was the anti-Atkins diet. I did all starches...all the time. Potatoes were my friends along with tortilla chips, peppermint ice cream and crackers and bread. (I am not sure but this could be why I gained 5 lbs in my first trimester even though I couldn't stop getting sick)

My thing that I really couldn't stand was the advice.(( Usually, I am polite and gentle with my unwanted advice but the morning sickness made me this beast of a woman. )) If I was told to try Ginger, ginger ale, peppermint tea, sea bands, pressure points, eating a cracker before getting out of bed or any other form of loving advice I was going to lose it!!! I wanted to throw my hands in the air and scream "I have tried it all!!! If I thought standing on my head naked would make me feel better...I WOULD DO IT !!!!"

Anywho, it always amazes me how easily we forget these things after they have passed. I am sitting here eating a sub as I type this and its delicious! Foods just taste better when you are pregnant, don't they? I guess that is our reward for getting through morning sickness!!

Next week: Insomnia.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Keeping the house clean

So this is a kind of generic WFMW but it does really work for me and my sanity so I thought I would share!

I clean my house on Saturday mornings and it really works for me. The hubs usually takes the kiddos for me or they watch toons, I get the house cleaned and I start the week with a fresh clean house.

Its about Monday night when I realize the house doesn't feel so clean anymore. I give a heavy sigh.

I then started a new routine that really keeps my life so much easier.

I go through Wednesday morning and wipe out the sinks and kitchen with a cloth very quickly. I also get my little cordless sweeper and sweep any major crumbs or granola and the hardwood floors. It takes 30 minutes but it keeps the house looking nice all week long which helps me stay relaxed.

And that works for everyone that lives in this house!

For more great WFMW ideas visit We are That Family!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Free Baby slings...check this out!

Since I am currently baking #3, I am always looking for great deals on baby things. I caught this by sheer luck and thought I would pass on the savings to you!

If you go here, you can order a baby sling of your choice totally for free!!! All you pay is S&H...which ends up being around $11. Just enter TURKEY into the "limited time promo code" box.

I just ordered one and am so excited !!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: Back to the basics.

This week is rather boring I am afraid. I am getting ready for my son's Thanksgiving party and it has me going to all my old standbys for supper. (Who has time to be creative this week!) I am trying a new meatloaf recipe so I have included the link! Also, I will be posting leftover turkey recipes throughout the next two weeks so check back! Happy Eating y'all!

Monday: Beef stroganoff, mashed potatoes, green beans

Tuesday: Homemade chicken noodle soup, fresh bread

Wednesday: Taco bake, Spanish rice

Thursday: Leftover buffet- if its in the fridge, you can eat it...but mama is not cookin!

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Brown sugar meatloaf, scalloped cheddar potatoes, broccoli, rolls

Sunday: Potato cheddar ham soup in bread bowls