Saturday, August 20, 2011

Project Kitchen Organization: Baking Drawer

I will be the first to admit that I went a little crazy with the nesting when I was pregnant with my last princess. I was like a mad woman with the crazy look in her eye and all. My family simply stepped to the side and let me do my thing. (Often stepping over piles of containers, bags and bins)

After the baby I found the organization very useful and effective and am thankful that I got it all done. I thought I would take the next couple of weeks to go through and share some of the things that worked really well. Happy Organizing!!

I have to tell you that I love to bake! I also have to tell you that since I have three children I don't have alot of time to do it !! So when I do want to bake, I want to know where to find my apple core thingy (technical term), lemon zester, rolling pin and other essential tools.

So I made a whole drawer that is nothing but my special little gadgets and tools. (A drawer that no one has any business being in except me! :)

Today I am participating in I'm an organizing junkie

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WFMW: What my child CAN do.

This week over at Works for me Wednesday, they are talking about what helps you "back to school". I have been thinking about this alot since I have my oldest baby going in to kindergarten (gulp) and the other one starting preschool. (double gulp)

I have been thinking about sending them out in this world and what tools they need to have to survive it. (I know, I know....they are only 3 and 5 but it starts young.)

I sat down and made a list of all the things that my kids CAN do this year. You know....things that they are not currently expected to do and won't kill them to start?!

* Clear their own dishes
* Put their dirty clothes in a hamper
* Pick up their own toys
* Put their book bags in their room and on their hook
* Pick out their clothes the night before
(Thus saving all the drama for their grandmama..just sayin.)
* Make their own bed in the morning (and I will resist the urge to re-do it !!)
* Start to give some of their own coins to church (I will match it )
* Help their sibling with a task. (Because we are in this together in this house!)

This list is going to go on the fridge the first day of school and hopefully will be a reminder to this mama !

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