Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picnic in November.. brrrr

It is cold here.... I mean freeze your tushy off cold. I just hate to get the kids out in this weather. Don't get me wrong I hate getting them out in the cold but that is not the real reason. The real mom answer is that by the time I wrestle winter coats, gloves and mittens on my squirmy ones I am too tired to go anywhere.

I was blessed with kids that get cabin fever. It started with my son as a baby and now his sister is following suit. Somehow I got the children that have to get out and see people. They are ... um .... well we will call it social. I went to odd lots today and my son was just waiting for someone to come into our isle so he would talk their ear off. There is not a shy bone in either of their little bodies.

So when it is cold like this I have to get creative to occupy my little rugrats. I discovered our indoor picnics about a two months ago on a rainy day and they love it so much I thought I would share!

To keep things fun and different about twice a month, on a bad day, we will have an inside picnic. I am the eat at the table at the designated time type mom so this is super fun for them! We take a blanket and spread it on the living room floor and watch a snoopy holiday video or something else special. We spread out our food ( even the little one in her travel high chair) and sit indian style and munch away happily. We all laugh and have a great time. Sometimes you just need a little change in routine to keep your sanity... ya know?