Saturday, September 27, 2008

Works for me Wednesday - A coupon tip.

I love cutting coupons and using them. What I do not love is having a big wad of coupons in my sweaty hands at the store or trying to go through my coupon organizer looking for the right coupons.

So I reorganized. I set up my coupon holder in order of the isles. I go to mostly the same store each week so it was easy to do. ( Most stores are set up in the same way in general so it should work in any store)

I started with produce and filed all coupons that I would use in that front section. Then came personal care items, paper products, cleaning products, canned goods, baking goods, dry goods, frozen foods, dairy and breads. Can I tell you how much time and more importantly hassle this has saved me. Now I don't have to fish out all the coupons out before I go to the store! I just cruise to the isle and open to that section in my coupon organizer. This of course... works for me!

For more helpful hints check out

Great Halloween costume idea #1

I am a planner. I used to do it for living and now I do it for sanity :) So it came to no ones surprise when I knew what both of my kids were dressing as for halloween... in June. I am also one of those mama's that comes up with my own costumes. Its my moms fault really. We could never be anything normal and cool..... it had to be unique and original. Now that I look back I can see how cool it really was. So now I am ---scream--- morphing into my mother in this way.

I was a cowgirl when I was 2. A warm brown suede pant complete with fringe on the side and matching vest. I am soooooo excited that my son will wear m cowboy outfit as well. My grandmother kept it all these years tucked away in her keepsake chest for such an occasion. So naturally my six month old shall be an Indian. ( I am making this costume- many prayers needed :) )

This brings me to this particular post. I am always searching for creative ideas for my kids. I thought I would post some original ideas that I got from my past days of dressing up and some that I got from my friends. I will try to do one every week until halloween. If you have any ideas of your own email me at

So here is the first one.

Bag of groceries:

I wish that I could find the picture of me when I was this. I got so many compliments that year that I began to think that maybe my mom was half way cool.... then I got to middle school and of course that was over.

We went to the grocery store and got two paper bags. My mom then cut out two leg holes in the bottom. I wore a beige leotard and pantyhose but boys could wear black or white sweats?

We then saved boxes of granola bars, raisins, oatmeal canister etc for a month. Anything that we had used and were ready to throw away we would save. After putting my leg into the cut holes the bag came to my bust line. We then stuffed newspaper into the bottom of the bag and then strategically placed the empty boxes on the top. ( This gives the illusion like the bag is full without the heaviness

My southern mama finished the look with a big bow in my hair, lipstick and heels. ( At least I know where my love for all things heels comes from :) )

(You could always find a a box or other household item and make a hat out of it. )

Friday, September 26, 2008

Odd Lots


I love Odd Lots! I even signed up to get the early bird flyer through my e-mail. I received it today for deals effective Sunday.

I was so excited about some of the deals I found.

I have been looking for a 15' flat screen tv for my mother in laws new kitchen. Odd lots has one with a built in DVD player for $199. This is WAY cheaper than I have ever found anywhere else! I went and asked if I could buy one today even though they were not out yet and they obliged!! I am so excited to mark yet another person off the Christmas list... yipee skippee!!! ( My husbands brother is going in on it with us )

Anywho,..... while I was looking I noticed some other deals.

Disney Princess merchandise: They have Disney wigs, makeup, costumes, shoes, phones, laptops and big girl bedding. This is some primo stuff! I was wishing that my little one was older b/c I would have cleaned up. The wigs really caught my eye. They were so nice and were only $6!

Dora: They had lots and lots of Dora. Figurines, games, cell phones, and so many other things. You name it they had it!

Martha Stewart Crafts: I am not sure if you have seen this but Martha is making craft kits for all sort holidays and celebrations. They have these kits at Odd Lots at a marked down price. I was impressed with what I saw. It was a good thing... he he he he

Halloween costumes: Again I was surprised at the makeup, costumes and accessories that they had. They had lots of toddler costumes too!

Happy Shopping ladies!

A great deal


I am one of those people who won't pay full price for clothes. I just can't bring myself to do it. It could be that I am in love with stores like TJ Maxx and Marshals that has Ralph Lauren, Tommy, Gap and Carters along with many others for cheap prices. Sure you have to do some digging but you can find some stellar deals.

So you can imagine when I found an awesome sweater that felt and looked like Cashmere. Guess where? WALMART! Guess how much? $13. I am so excited to find such a high quality sweater that fits so well for so cheap. It is the GEORGE brand. I tried it on and you would not believe how flattering it is. My husband thought I paid a hefty price for it because it looked so good.

Its funny because I hardly buy myself clothes at all. I am so focused on getting my kids clothes that I rarely look for myself. For $13 though I found an awesome sweater that looks great and makes me feel attractive.... woohoo!!

A couple of coupon codes

I received a e-mail from Victoria's secret offering me a TODAY only coupon code. Its good for 25% off any single clothing item. I have always LOVED Victoria secret clothing..... it wears well and lasts forever! I have had my eye on a top that was a little too expensive and now I am going to get it.

The coupon code is TAKE25. Their web site is

I also received a coupon code from colorful images which is where I get all my address labels. They have so much variety that its crazy!! They are offering buy one pack of address labels get one 50% off. Since the address labels are about $8 you can get everyday labels and special Christmas ones as well!

Their code is ENRPAJT and their website is

I am not affiliated with either of these companies and am getting nothing from this :) Just thought I would share a good deal!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Progress Report

So I have not been doing so great on drinking my eight glasses of water a day :( I really need to work on that one! As far as my getting out once a week, I accomplished that !! WOHOO! I got a babysitter and went to a girlfriends tastefully simple party for a glorious two hours. What a difference it makes!

So here are my two goals this week....

Body: Continue to try to drink eight glasses of water a day. Stop eating when I am full!!
( Why is this so hard? I know I am full but it tastes really good or I think its a special occasion so its suddenly ok to stuff myself. Anybody know the answer to this one b/c I would love to know why I do this......)

Mind: Continue to get out once a week by myself! MAKE TIME spend some alone time everyday with God. For me this means maybe getting up a little early or cutting my shower short. I notice that the few quiet minutes in the morning spent reading my devotional and praying sets my day right. I need to make the effort to do this. No excuses. This means even if I need to let my kids play by themselves for ten minutes while I sit at the kitchen table.

How did you do ladies?