Saturday, February 28, 2009

Awesome Huggies Coupons!!

If your like me you still have kids in diapers.. or you know someone who does! (Its too early for me to start ranting like a crazy woman about potty training so I will just save that for a day I have had more coffee..)

Check out my side bar for $3 - $5 off Huggies! These are the best coupons I have seen in a long time. Hurry though because the coupons change on Sunday!

Mama knows best - eating out

Every Saturday I will be featuring Mama Knows Best series. We as mamas have to be innovative and thrifty all in the same beat. Somehow we find new ways of doing things that save us money, time and maybe if we are really blessed.... sanity!

These days, if there is no coupon or special going on at a restaurant then we just don't go. I don't know about you but we are trying to save every dime we can! You guys know that I menu plan and carefully grocery shop for the best deals.... why wouldn't I do the same when we eat out?

Here are some tips that my family and my girlfriends use to save when eating out.

- Order water to drink and bring the kids drinks! Soft drinks are expensive!!

- Ask if the server if there are any specials that day.

- Look at the website before you go for money saving coupons. (You would be surprised how many restaurants are offering deals these days to get the seats filled!!)

- Scan your mail flyer's and local papers for more coupons. Sometimes the great deals are tucked away.

- Split an entree with your little one. It will help you choose healthier items anyway :)

- Stop eating when your full- take the leftovers home for lunch the next day. Two meals for the price of one!! (And you won't feel bad for overeating)

Here are some good deals....

Mimi's cafe -Do you have a Mimi's cafe in your area? I went there for a girlfriends birthday lunch and oh my was it yummy!!!

They are offering buy 1 entree get 1 free. For the coupon just go to my side bar to the button and print!

Steak and Shake- My steak and shake has a 4.99 menu. (This includes up to a triple steak burger and fries) Kids also eat free on the weekends. We can easily get in and out of there for under $12!! Now that's a deal!

Check with your local steak and shake to see if they run the same deal. I think you will be impressed on how cheap and good they are!

Bob Evans- If you sign up here you will receive a free kids meal and drink, special offers, recipes and more! The kids menu is very reasonable (We always get a kids meal for under $3) and I love the food there.

Join the kids birthday club and you will get a free kids meal on their birthday as well!

Do you know of any more great restaurant deals? Leave a comment and let others know!

Got a great idea? Send me yours at .

Friday, February 27, 2009

Central Ohio residents: Gift Certificate Offer

Have you been to the Morgan House in Dublin? I love to go their with my girlfriends!!
If you go here, you can get a $50 gift certificate for $25!! Hurry though because supplies are limited!!

Friday Deals

On Fridays I try to pass along some deals I see in my in-box.

Luv's - Sign up here with Luvs to receive $1 off coupons. Luvs are already very reasonable so this would be a good deal!

Osh Kosh- Still having their 40 - 60% spring sale. In addition they are offering $10 boys jeans!

Carters- Having a 50% super baby sale. Also offering a $10 diaper bag. (This would be a great baby shower gift, wouldn't it?)

Victoria's secret- Having a 75% off their winter clearance. Go here for the deals!
Odd Lots- Some of the deals I see this week ( starting Sunday)
.49 batteries (various packs)
30 - 70% of children's furniture.
Various sizes and shapes lamp shades $2- 10
Various twin sheet sets $5
Hand tools- 25% off
Happy shopping!

And the winner is...

The winner of the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer per the Integer Generator at

Thrifty and Chick Mom!!


Thursday, February 26, 2009

Central Ohio Moms: Baby Bonanza ticket giveaway!

The Baby Bonanza Expo is Central Ohio's Only maternity, baby and toddler show! This year's show will be held on Saturday, March 14 from 10 am - 4pm at the Aladdin Shrine Center near Easton Town Center.

Visit with exhibitors, shop for unique baby and toddler products, enjoy educational seminars, entertainment, diaper derby baby races, plus so much more! You can visit for more information.

Marcy at Stretching a Buck is giving away two tickets!! Just visit her here and leave a comment! Good luck!

Don't forget!

I will be picking the winner of the hand sanitizer tomorrow!! If you haven't already- go to the Chuck-E-Cheese offer and leave a comment for your chance to win. Good luck :)

Bargain recipe of the week- Giant Eagle!

Bargain Meal of the Week

I always wonder what to do with chicken thighs and drumsticks. They are usually a great price but I just sit in the isle staring at them. Then I got this recipe from a friend. She swears by it and says her kids love it. Even better that its easy.... and you know I am all about easy! I just can't wait to try it!! Happy eating everyone!

I will not expense spices/oils since most of us have them on hand.

Sunshine Chicken

3 pounds chicken thighs (On sale for $1.29 a lb ) $3.87
2 tablespoons soy sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
1/4 cup corn syrup
1 pinch garlic powder

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
Rinse the chicken pieces and place them, single layer and skin side up, in a 9x13 inch baking dish.
Mix the soy sauce, ketchup, corn syrup and garlic powder in a small bowl. Baste the chicken with the sauce, reserving some sauce for basting during baking.

Bake uncovered in the preheated oven, basting approximately every 15 minutes, for 1 hour (or until chicken is done and juices run clear).

Total cost of this recipe: $3.87

Add Birdseye steam fresh veggies (On sale 10 for $10) Total cost of meal: $4.87

Add veggies and Scalloped potatoes (Betty Crocker on sale 10 for $10) $5.87

Click on the image to go find more Bargain Meals of the Week!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Things you never thought you would say... until you became a mom

There are certain phrases that I have found myself saying as a mama. Things that make my head tilt and give myself a mental head slap. Things that if I heard someone else saying without seeing the situation I would seriously consider hilarious/ scary/ weird. Here are some things that my friends and myself have said lately...

- Stop drilling your sisters head.

-We don't eat with our feet

- Mama's nose is not for exploring with your fingers

- No, Mama does not have a Penis

- Don't ride the dog

- When we were little we didn't even have air conditioning!

- That's not a man

- Eat the ones off the floor first!

- Eyes are not for touching

-Please don't lick your brother even if you are a Cheetah

- Hug and release

- When the cat makes that noise it means she doesn't like that

- If you use the potty you can have a whole bag of M&M's!!

- That doesn't go in your nose.

What are some things that you have said lately? I would love to hear them!

Have a happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Works for me Wednesday- Laundry sanity

Maybe I am the only one with this particular laundry problem. If I was a betting women however, I would bet that I wasn't alone. Let me set up the scenario.

9:30 Tuesday night.

Me: On the couch watching DVR with hubby, half asleep. Thinking about going to bed.

Hubby: "Um, honey?"

Me: (Thinking in my head) Uh oh.... (Saying out loud) "Yes?"

Hubby: "I need black socks for work tomorrow." ( Now he goes to work at 6:30 am for a 24 hour shift... grrrrrr )


Hubby: "Oh, I thought I told you......"

Me: "Uh NO!"

Does this sound at all familiar? I am willing and able to do anything for my family all day and half the night, but really? Could he have told me the other 48 hours he was home? My hubbys excuse is he thought about it but I wasn't around to tell or I was busy. Hmph. (That's the little noise I make when aggravated :) )

Then we came up with this!

Its a little white board with a erasable pen attached. It goes on the inside of the basement door. ( Yes our washer and dryer is still in the basement.) Here's the deal. My hubby will write what he needs on that little board and I will check it every time I go down to do laundry.
Things that need washed get done during the day while I have some coffee in me. I know what loads are needed and what can wait. I am hoping that when the kids get old enough they will also use the board. ( I'm not holding my breath but its a nice thought for me ) Most of all it saves a whole lot of grumbling at 11:00 at night.... and that works for my hubby and myself!

For more great WFMW visit We Are THAT Family!

Chuck E. Cheese offer

If you are anything like my girlfriends and myself you are soooooo over Wintertime. Even more importantly you are saying for the 1,854'th time "These kids need to get out!!". We are mamas on the edge.

Bored kids = crazy mamas.

This offer may help things a little!

If you go here you can sign up for Chuck E. Cheese club for.....
-Best one time special offer
-Monthly coupons
-Birthday specials
-Extra incentives

On the same page you can get printable coupons for your specific location!

I say go through Starbucks drive thru, get a cup of coffee and let your rug rats run around until you have to carry them to the car. :)

In honor of the occasion I am giving away a free Bath and Body works hand sanitizer to one lucky mama. Just leave a comment and winner will be picked at random at the end of the week!

Children's Medications at Kroger

I am not sure about you but we go through some Motrin in this house!! Between teething, ear aches, fevers and sore throats its hard to keep Motrin on our shelves. It always seems like we run out in the middle of the night right when our youngest is howling in pain or when the skies decide to dump 6 inches of snow on us.

I was delighted to find that Kroger has all their generic medication B1G1. (This includes vitamins and big peoples medications too) I could get 2 children's Motrin for $4.69!! That is less than I could buy 1 name brand!!!!

You may want to check it out at your Kroger and see if they are running the same deals. It would pay to stock up....

Tempt my tummy Tuesday- Fat Tuesday!

Its fat Tuesday and I thought it would be a perfect time for a King cake. We don't celebrate Mardi Gras but the story behind the king cake is a very cool one.

A king cake is baked on Fat Tuesday to celebrate the visit to the Christ Child by the three Kings. A small token was hidden in the cake as a surprise for the finder. The colors purple, green, and gold—to represent justice, faith, and power.


1 box Pillsbury® Hot Roll Mix,16 ounces
1/2 cup granulated sugar for filling
1-1/2 teaspoons cinnamon for filling
1/3 cup unsalted butter, room temperature

Preheat oven to 375°F.

Cream the butter, sugar, and cinnamon together until soft enough to spread easily.

Follow directions on the Pillsbury® Hot Roll Mix package. Turn one half of the dough onto a floured surface, and roll into a 2- foot x 1- foot rectangle. Spread half of the butter and filling mixture on top of the dough.

Taking a good thing a step farther, many bakeries now stuff their King Cakes with ingredients such as apple, peach, or cherry pie filling, cream cheese, or chopped pecans with cinnamon sugar. Use your creative imagination.

Beginning at the wide edge, roll the dough toward you into a long cigar shape approximately 2 inches in diameter. Do the same with the second half of the dough. Place dough roll seam side down on a well greased baking sheet, and curve each roll, pinching the ends together to make oval ring.

Cover, and let rise in warm place for 20 minutes or until doubled in size. Bake at 375°F for 15 to 20 minutes or until a straw inserted into the dough comes out clean.

Allow the cake to cool.


2 cups confectioners' sugar,
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons water
1 cup granulated sugar, large crystals
3 or 4 drops purple food coloring
3 or 4 drops green food coloring
3 or 4 drops yellow food coloring

To prepare the glaze, combine sugar, lemon juice, and water mixing until smooth. Slowly add more water by the teaspoon until it spreads as easily as a thin icing.

Place 1/3 cup sugar in each of three small jars with lids. Add three drops of food coloring in each one.

Cover with lid, and shake until color is evenly distributed throughout the large sugar crystals. Add food coloring, drop by drop until the desired shade is achieved.

Coat the top of the oval king cake with glaze. Immediately sprinkle the colored sugars in 2- to- 3 inch alternating rows of purple, green and gold. Cut and serve.
For more tempting recipes visit Blessed with Grace!

Bargain meal of the week- Meijer!

Bargain Meal of the Week

This week Meijer has Pork ribs on sale for .99 a lb! We don't have ribs very often so I thought this would be a nice change... and very reasonable at that price! Everyone has different seasonings that they like to use so feel free to omit or add any that you think sound delicious. Happy Eating!!

Dry Rub Pork Ribs

The Rub
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
1/2 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon fresh ground pepper black
1 teaspoon mustard powder
2 teaspoons salt
3 teaspoons brown sugar
As many pork ribs as you and your family need! (On sale .99 a lb) $4.00

Preheat oven to 325°F.
Cut pork ribs into sections of 3 or 4 bones.
Mix remaining ingredients well, sprinkle on both sides of ribs and rub into the meat.
Seal rib sections in foil with a tablespoon of water in each package, and bake for 2 hours on a cookie sheet in the center of the oven.
Open foil carefully as steam escapes.
Can be crisped on a hot BBQ if desired but will be great just the way it is.

Total cost of meal: $4.00

Add Roasted garlic and cheddar mashed potatoes (Betty Crocker on sale 10 for $10) $5.00

Add mashed potatoes and green beans ( Freshlike on sale 10 for $10) $6.00

Add mashed potatoes,green beans, and rolls (Aunt Millie's on sale 10 for $10) $7.00

Click on the image to go find your Bargain Meal of the Week!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Making a Happy home- how we use books!

Don't we as mamas always try to make our homes a little happier? Its the little things that usually make the biggest difference. This week I am sharing how we use books in several different ways to make it a little more happy.

I read to our kids everyday. I love reading and I want my kids to love reading. I don't know about you mamas but I end up reading the same books everyday. ( You know.. the ones you don't have to read know them by heart. They are usually the ones that you hate.)

So I have started using books as part of our decor in our house. I place them on our coffee table and they are always on hand to read. I switch out the books weekly so at our fingertips are books that haven't been read in a while. I usually pick books that match the holiday. ( Notice the green ones for St. Patricks day) I will do Valentines books in the month of February, spring books in March, Easter books in April. You get the idea.

It adds some holiday flair to our living room, the kids get read to more and we don't read the same ol' books over and over. And this makes our home very happy indeed!

For more happy home ideas check out As for me and My House!

Menu Plan Monday

This week I get to use all my bargain recipes! I am so excited that each meal is easily under $10. What is even better is I can freeze half of my recipes and get 2 meals out of them... now that is getting some bang for your buck!! Hope you have a yummy week!

Monday: Quick beef and Pasta pot , Broccoli, crescent rolls

Tuesday: Mozzarella Mushroom chicken, green beans, corn

Wednesday: Leftover night... if its not moving you can eat it!

Thursday: Marinated baked pork chops, asparagus, roasted carrots, french rolls

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Grilled chicken, rice, cheesy broccoli

Sunday: Italian Casserole , salad, garlic bread

For more great menu ideas visit I'm an organizing junkie!

Bargain recipe of the week- Krogers

Bargain Meal of the Week

Kroger is having their big 10 for 10 sale. The recipe I am making today is simple, quick and kids love it! ( Husband too :) ) Happy Eating!

Check out Stretching a Buck deals here to see more deals at Kroger. I will not expense spices/oils since most of us have them on hand.

Quick Beef and Pasta Pot

1 pkg. (14 oz.) Macaroni & Cheese Dinner (On sale 10 for $10) $1
1 lb. lean ground beef (On sale $2.99 a lb) $2.99
2 cups chopped tomatoes (On sale .99 a lb) $1
1/2 tsp parsley

PREPARE Dinner as directed on package.
MEANWHILE, brown meat in large skillet on medium-high heat. Drain.
MIX Dinner, meat, tomatoes and parsley.

HOW EASY IS THAT !! Total cost of meal: $4.99

Add salad (Dole or Fresh Express on sale 2 for $5) $1.25 Total cost of meal: $6.24

Add Country Club ice cream ( On sale 10 for $10) .25 Total cost of meal $6.49