Tuesday, September 2, 2008

no way!

Ok.... I know that in the world of fashion everything comes back around. Flare jeans, leggings with dresses and now vests. I however, have to draw the line at what I saw yesterday.. ... I thought I was seeing things! Are you ready girls?

STIRRUP PANTS.... WHAT?!?!?!?! I'm sorry ... I never thought I would see the day when stirrup pants are back! Should we wear them with our scrunch socks of varying colors? Come on....

I know this is a goofy blog... I am just feeling old because I refuse to wear clothes because they are "cool". I have done the stirrup pants and I don't want to go back... anyone else with me?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Make your own wreath- cheap!

I LOVE FALL !!! Yipee!!! I decorate my house for fall on September 1st. I just love the scents and looks of fall. (Forget that it is a balmy 89 degrees out :) ) The fall wreath that I made about five years ago was getting old so I decided to make a new one. I waited till all the fall picks and swags were on sale at Hobby Lobby and made my move.

I just grabbed a grapevine wreath, one swag (That I cut into three different pieces), about four picks of berries and fruit etc. and wahlah! Guess how much girls.... about $10.00! You can't beat that....

What do you do to make your home all fall like?

Did you know?

I spent some time talking to a younger cousin who is working part time at the goodwill store. I was very surprised to find out that everything returned to Target is sent to goodwill... no questions asked! My cousin said NICE furniture comes in there all the time from people who just put it together wrong. He said they get clothes, stereo equipment, furniture... mostly anything that someone doesn't like and decided to return.

I need to start checking it out in that case b/c I love me some Target!

I'm back!!

Sorry guys- I have been spending some time with my family. Hubby had five solid days off and we were doing some fun stuff together! I am glad to be back though... woohoo!