Friday, February 25, 2011

How you know your pregnant (Like you didn't already?!?!)

* Tums become your dessert of choice....and you have your favorite brand and flavor.

* You are not one for violence, but you suddenly want to karate chop the woman who is coming towards you with hands outstretched to rub your belly like Buddha.

* You just love when people tell you the following phrases:

- You are huge! (Really?!?! That is what I have been dying to hear ?!?! )

- You must be ready to go any minute! (No,actually I have two more months but thanks.)

- You haven't had that baby yet?!?! (Sorry to disappoint you )

* If anyone stands in your way of having a meal....well, good luck to them. (Including your hubs)

*Suddenly the gentle woman you have always strived to be turns into a mama lion when ANYTHING happens to one of your children. I think I have even found myself snarling...that's right.....lip back...growling)

* You can go from ranting to crying to laughing...all within 5 minutes.

* You wonder how you could possibly get any bigger....then you do.

* You have the strangest dreams , when you sleep at all, like giving birth to cats, giant babies and giving birth in the jungle.

* Having a shooting pain that starts in your tush and shoots like a dagger down your leg.

* Burps that cannot be stopped or quited and are as loud and long as a trucker. Usually these escape when your in the middle of church or a parent teacher conference. Classy.

* The baby gives you a swift kick in your special lady parts and you automatically grab your crotch. Most the time in public.

*** Not trading one burp, pain, sleepless night for the wonderful joy that is motherhood!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Works for me Wednesday: Keeping the kids craft drawer organized!

I wish I had taken "before" pictures of my kids craft drawers because they were so bad that we couldn't so much find a coloring book. (Then again maybe I am glad that I didn't take any pictures :) )

Things get out of control quickly with little excited hands throwing things in a drawer in a rush to get to the next thing.

With me nesting, I tackled these drawers and I have to say its working for us!!

All the coloring books, paper and work books are in a drawer.

In another drawer I threw all crayons and pencils in a large box that the kids can easily get to ....and dare I say throw back in when done? I also put all the painting supplies in a a large 2 gallon zip lock baggie (Hello, no more hunting for those skinny paintbrushes) All the Color Wonder markers and special paper goes into another bag. Then the bain of my existence, markers, go into a final bag.

I can monitor what they are playing with better. They can do art more often now because they just grab the baggie they want and then throw everything back in.

I see clearly if they have a purple marker out in the family room....near the new TV.

And that works for this mama!!

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