Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Thats not my child

I just got back from a play date with my sons best friend. I use that term lightly because all they are is mean to one another. I always set out with high hopes of getting to actually finish a sentence without saying " Don't yell at him" ( While straining my voice- hmmm that gets the message across!)

My sweet adorable boy somehow morphs into a crazed toddler as soon as he steps in the door of his "friend". I try really hard to think if we stopped at any stop signs or traffic lights. Maybe his pod person came creeping in during a stop while I was distracted. Maybe he became temporally insane because he acts like he has lost his mind. Do you think that he could be allergic to the air at his friends and is just having a bad reaction? :)

What seems to bother me the most is he acts like we don't discipline him. Like the rules at his house is to run around like a wild child who has been raised on some island without adults. When in reality is that we do have rules and we expect him to follow them. He does most the time. He is such a joy to be around... at home. What is it about other children that make our kids act like crazy people? My girlfriend is very sympathetic because she has been where I am before but I still feel bad.

It gets to the point where I just want to tell them to duke it out. To work it out themselves because they will have to anyway. I mean we have to step in to avoid hitting or pushing but with toys they are on their own. Doesn't it seem like some days we just say " no, don't drill your sisters head , or get your hand out of the trash" a thousand times.

When I explain to a loved one that he normally doesn't act like this unless he is sick or overly tired, they smile a weak smile. They look at me like " Yeah right... the poor woman is delusional. Too much breastfeeding... has sucked her brain right out" I am going to start taking videotape how my dear sweet boy acts like at home so I can prove that he is a very sweet child with guidelines and structure. I am sounding like he misbehaves all the time while we are out and he doesn't. Most the time he is very well behaved and sweet as pie. Its just been a rough day with my boy so I am venting.

I am still going with the pod person theory. Makes sense to me.