Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Hey girls.. boy have I missed you guys! I have enjoyed my somewhat hectic holidays with the kids. I hope that you all enjoyed your families as well!

Starting the new year has been exciting. I woke up with the endings of a flu that I have been battling. ( Of course I made sure that everyone in my family got a flu shot but me..... how typical of a mama, huh? ) Coughing and tired, I decided to take a hot shower to try to wake up and clear out my throat a little. I left my 10 month old with some toys in the floor and my 2 year old happily watching toons.

I decided to try to start the new year right. I took the only alone time I get to pray. I prayed for God to help me be a good mama and a good wife. I prayed for health and strength and wisdom. I got out of the shower feeling like I was starting the new year on a good foot.

I got dressed, pulled my hair back and even put some makeup on. Feeling confident, I emerged a new woman from the bathroom.........and saw a shiny thread hanging from my ten month olds mouth. I seemed to be moving in slow motion as I ran to her. My 2 year old thought he would be nice by giving her a noise maker to play with. She saw an all you can eat buffet before her and starting to munch happily.

I wanted to throw my head to the heavens and shout " This is not the sign I was looking for!!"

I realized however I didn't pray for a perfect year, I prayed for strength. I sighed, pulled the thread from my shrieking infant and did what any good mama would do. I called my mama. She has assured me that what she swallowed, if she swallowed anything, would come out in the end. (Literally)

I have a call into my doctor because I am seeing shiny threads in twisted intestines. We will see what the doc has to say but more than likely I will be looking for a little sparkle in her poo. A little party in her diaper, if you will. Happy new year to me!!