Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Meijer Recipe of the week - Italian burgers

Bargain Meal of the Week

This is not much of a recipe but summer is coming to an end. I am going to try to stuff as much burgers, salads, fresh fruits and grilled dishes in before I get my crock pot out and start to do my happy fall dance. :) I am always looking for ways to shake up our standard burger and this one sounds delicious... enjoy!

I will not expense spices/oils since most of us have them on hand. W/C means with coupon.

Italian Burgers

1 medium onion, chopped $.25
1/4 cup Italian salad dressing (Ken's On sale W/C $.67) $.09
1 pound ground beef (On sale $1.99/lb) $1.99
4 hamburger buns, split (On sale Meijer brand $.99) .50

In a bowl, combine onion and salad dressing. crumble beef over mixture and mix well.Shape into four patties.Broil, grill or pan-fry until no longer pink. Serve on buns.

Total Cost of Meal: $2.83

Add mixed veggies (Meijer brand frozen on sale $1) Total Cost of Meal: $3.83

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Phoebe @ Cents to Get Debt Free said...

This sounds interesting--penciling it in for an upcoming plan.

Don't ya just love fall? :)