Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WFMW- How I organize my purses

This week WFMW theme is asking for some organization tips. I usually get all geeked up about organizing something only to have it be thrown in a pile a couple of months later. :( This tip however has been nice, neat and functional for years now, so I thought I was safe to share this one!

Fulfilling my duty as a woman, I have a stash of purses. Blue, black, brown, carmel, white, dress purses, casual purses, jean purses, purses you can stash alot in. You name it I got it. Its not that I buy alot of purses.... its that I never throw one away. :)

Purses take up alot of room so I wanted to keep them visible while still getting them neat and in one place. This is what I came up with.

I got some deep but narrow containers on sale. I them marked them Black, Brown and dressy/white. I can simply pull the container down and find the purse that I need. Its so easy and manageable and saves time!!

And that works for this busy mama!!!

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Amanda said...

Great idea. I have all my purses in one large, clear bin for now. I dont' need to get to them for a while now though... my purse is my diaper bag!

I also LOVED your first comment about getting all geeked out about oganizing, only to have it messed up in a month. SO TRUE!!!