Friday, October 30, 2009

Making costumes for less

When my son wanted to be a dump truck for beggars night my first thought was "yikes!". I wasn't sure how that would be possible or frugal. I just can't bring myself to buy really expensive costumes so I had to think outside the box. I thought I would share how I outfitted both kids for under what 1 costume would probably cost.

I took a box that I already had and spray painted it. ($2.50 JoAnn's spray paint) I then found some suspenders at a thrift store and spray painted those suckers as well. ($.99) The high beam lights I found at WalMart and can re-use in my pantry.~So I don't feel quite as bad about the cost. ~($5.00) Ad some scrap booking stickers I already had, along with some sweats turned inside out and whalah! A dump truck for under $7.

For little miss I found the cream dress at a second hand store for $3. I then bought some checkered material at 50% off. ($1.99) Add some cream ribbon (Around $.90) Sew that on the dress and pair with hose and shoes we had in the closet. I found this lovely Gymboree cape at the thrift store for $6. She can totally use this again so I think I got my moneys worth. Total costume: Under $12