Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Getting the Most from the Holidays

Since it gets cold and icy/rainy/snowy here in Ohio there is not much outdoor time. Which means crazy kids and even crazier looks in there eyes. I try to come up with fun things for them to do around here to keep the inmates from running the asylum.

Around Thanksgiving time I start to stock up on plain brown paper bags and plain white wrapping paper. ( I usually buy them from the $1 store.) I then get out my arsenal of craft supplies which includes but not limited to: Paint, stamps, brushes, foam cutouts, stickers etc. I then let them decorate wrapping paper and bags for their gifts to our family and friends.

We even go out and collect pine cones and little pine branches. We dip them in paint and decorate the paper. We also can paint the pine cones and dip them in glitter. Attach them to a string and you have a pretty decoration for your present!
Its economical, pretty and makes your little ones feel a part of the giving process! (If you are really really lucky it will keep them busy enough for you to pay a couple of bills or get crazy and use the potty by yourself.) And that works for this mama!

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steadymom said...

Beautiful ideas - it gets cold here in CT, too! I know what you mean about crazed kiddos!


Lisa said...

Great comments- I really hate wasting a lot of money on wrapping paper. I love the brown paper and brown or white bags. About this time of the year I ask for my groceries to be bagged in paper, save those bags, and use the non printed side out for wrapping paper.

Sherry said...

Cool! What great ideas! :D