Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Teacher Knows Best: How to handle bad behavior

I am blessed to live next to a elementary school teacher who loves my kids and we love her!! She has multiple education degrees and is the first person I run to when I am worried about speech, development or anything learning related!! She has agreed to write a weekly post for me on some common concerns involving little ones and just great tips! If you have a topic that you would like to see addressed, please e-mail me at everythingmom@live.com.

Lessons from School You Didn’t Want Your Preschooler to Learn

The wonderful thing about school is that children as exposed to so many new ideas and new friends. Of course the downside to that is when your little scholar picks up a new idea you didn’t really want him to learn.
Whether it’s hitting, not sharing, or something naughty to say, the answer is always the same:

“That is not ok in our house. In our family, we only (use kind words, soft hands, share our things).”

Repeat as needed, which will probably be often for a while.