Monday, February 22, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: I'm Back!

After a full week of antibiotics, I actually feel up to cooking again! I fully realized the value of a meal plan when I don't have one. It involves alot of standing in front of the fridge, foot tapping and sighing. My saint of a husband picked up the slack and cooked for us several times. (I think he may have not wanted me coughing over his food but I can't be sure:) )

Anywho, this week has so many great recipes that I will be posting them throughout the week! Happy Eating Y'all!

Monday: Stuffed green peppers, Crescent Rolls

Tuesday: Spaghetti and Mozzarella meatballs, Italian green beans, garlic bread

Wednesday: Steak, twice baked potatoes, grilled asparagus, salad

Thursday: Leftover buffet

Friday: Pizza, salad

Saturday: Fish and Chips (Recipe follows)

Sunday: Grilled chicken, roasted carrots, broccoli

Oven Baked Chips

4 medium baking potatoes

seasoning of your choice (I like Kosher salt and pepper)

Dry bread crumbs

Wash each potato and cut into wedges.

Soak potatoes in water for five minutes then drain and pat dry. Place favorite seasonings and bread crumbs into a large resealable bag. Place potato wedges into bag a couple at a time, seal and shake to coat.

Arrange potatoes in a single layer on a baking sheet sprayed with nonstick cooking spray and bake until crispy, about ten minutes.


For Their Future said...

Hey! Visiting from Menu Plan Monday!
Your menu sounds great and thanks for the recipe!
God bless!