Thursday, February 11, 2010

Triple coupons for Kroger

Hey all! Kroger is having triple coupons today thru Sunday....WOOHOO!!!

They will triple up to $.50 and there are ALOT of coupons out there right now!

I went today and got so many things for free or $.20 that it was crazy!!!! (I ended up saving $155. My new record.)

Make sure you guys check it out!!


Amanda said...

I'm so bummed....evidently Kroger doesn't double or triple their store coupons. I didn't know that and just sent my husband to Kroger to get just a few things that we had coupons under $.50 for. OOPS!

I thought I'd share just in case other readers don't know this.

Lisa said...

I think it's just your local Kroger, Summer. :( It doesn't appear that the Michigan stores have the same deal. Bummer!

(and I owe you a PM, I with 3 leaves me unable to keep my eyes open after we put the kids in bed! I'll try to do it soon!)

Summer said...

hey guys! Its central Ohio Krogers- I should have been more specific in my post :)