Friday, March 26, 2010

I was almost a swing set snob

I have two small children. I have 2 small children that would live outside if I let them. (The oldest won't even come inside to go you see what I mean.)

I am afraid that we have outgrown our little toddler plastic swing slide combo. It is time for the big kid swing set. During the summer, we spend the majority of our time outdoors so we have been on the lookout for the deals.

I use the term "deals" lightly.

People.....swings are expensive. Even the cheap ones are expensive! This left us in a quandary. My hubs and I even went swing set shopping.....on our date night. Now, that is hardcore.

So we found one at a popular children's store. It was $599 and it was on sale for $499. If we would open a charge, we would save another $80...bring the fabulous swing set to a measly $420. What a deal.....NOT.

We said we would think about it but it never quite set right with us. However, what was our alternative..really? It seems to be just as expensive at Wal-Mart or K-mart and don't even get me started on how expensive the ones that you build yourself...GEESH.

My hubby in his infinite wisdom decided to post about it on his fishing and work web-site.

Y'all......we have swing sets coming out of the woodwork. We went to visit one swing set that was the exact one we were looking for in the yard of one of my hubbies friends. It was in awesome condition and the only thing it needed was re-stained. Ours for $75. Another one is saying that we could have it for free if we would come and take it apart and haul it away.

I am not talking junk here either. These are quality four swing, slide, rock wall, fort, wooden swing sets that the kids are either bored with or the parents want to re-claim their yard.

They say confession is good for the soul, so I thought I would keep it real. I snubbed the idea at first. I didn't want a used swing set. My hubbie very carefully asked me "why?". You know what? I didn't have a good answer. If the swing set is sound, been taken care of and in good shape what is my problem? I came up with one answer.


We have been taught...conditioned, that we need the best, we need it brand spankin new and we need it now. This is so off the mark. This is the worst sort of entitlement, isn't it? We take our kids to the park and they have a ball on those swing sets. (How many kids has played on those? hmmmm) It humbled me in my shoes.

So I thought I would share our journey to maybe help some of you swing set hunters that are in our same situation! Here are some of the areas where we had our best luck with the Swing set mission.

*Ask Co-workers

*Tell Friends

*Post on any message boards that are in your area or that you frequent

*Place an ad on Craig's list or E-bay (Although you have to be careful of fraud situations)

*Place an ad at church /moms groups

*Look in the paper

*Ask your family and friends to put the word out at their places of employment.

Hope this helps!


Christy said...

The other problem is we also want what we want when we want it - delayed gratification is a skill we don't employ much anymore. It's hard to wade through all the junk on CraigsList to find the pearl, but it is so worth it! Happy swinging!

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