Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Decorating an Easter table

Having any kind of family dinner is Decorating the table seems to be the last thing you think about! I hosted Easter last year and found some table decorating tips that I thought I would share!

* Find paper plates that look nice and add color. PLUS... no cleaning dishes. You can just visit with your friends and family!

*I always combine "real" silverware and glasses with paper products. Why not? It looks nice and is easy to wash some silverware....not so much about china!

* Use fresh flowers for the centerpieces....then give them to your guests to take home. (In this case I used both tulip plates and live potted tulips- I love how it looked bright!)

*Use what you have. I love glass cylinders that can be used in so many ways. Fresh fruit, Christmas tree bulbs, candy, you name can make a beautiful centerpiece with things around your house!

* Think Spring. Birds nests, flowers cut from the garden and even your dyed Easter eggs can make any table look lovely. (I have even see blooming branches cut and placed on the table along with some votive candles. )

It is my believe that making things lovely for you guests is a blessing to them...and that works for this mama!

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