Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday: Keeping the critters out of the garden!

I confess that there has been more than one year that I have spoken a curse upon all things furry in my backyard. There is nothing more frustrating than to plant a garden and think of all the veggies that your labors will yield, only to see it gone the next day. I have tried many, many things. Some have worked....some not so much. (But it gave my family and friends a good laugh...so I will share!)

* Inflatable snake- I got this at our local lawn and garden shop. You simply blow it up like a beach ball. (Just an FYI- It looks real. I have gone to the garden more than once only to let out a scream. Yes....the neighbors LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE me.) The idea is that as the wind blows the snake will to, making the creatures believe its real.

I can tell you that the first season it totally worked! Then it got a hole in it and the creatures were not so impressed with a flat snake. Go figure.

* Hair clippings- I have been told that animals get scared around the human scent, especially hair. (I know this applies to deer, which we have in our backyard.) I just happen to cut my hubbies hair and I lose a boatload of hair so I have tried this. I just put it around the perimeter of the garden......I didn't want to deal with hairy plants. You know how it is :)

The only problem is you have to be diligent in being a hair collector which can be a real pain in the tushy. If you have a hairdresser that's a friend you will be in business.

* An owl- You see these owls silently "whoo whoo'ing" at you almost everywhere. I can tell you that our house came with one. I know people who say they work. The birds land on ours and use it as a hangout. Nuff said.

*Urine- They sell animal urine spray for the perimeter of what you want to keep safe. I have decided to use my sons gift of peeing outside to my advantage this summer...maaaawahhhh. (evil laugh) I'll let Y'all know if it works!

* Fences- This is a tricky one. We have one of those green mesh fences over our strawberry patch. It seems to work except that my baby girl takes it off to pluck her bounty only to forget to put it back on. I also have had many a critter dig a whole under the fence.

* Natural Fences- I have been told that certain animals hate onions and certain flowers. You could do a pretty perimeter and see if works. I did this with onions and it seems to be working!

* Scarecrow- I heard that the trick is to make your fake man with clothes that have been worn with "scent" on them. (For the record, the first thought that comes to mind is.. ewwww.)

* Foil- I have recently read that you can take strips of foil and attach them to your fence or posts. The wind makes them move and catches the sun which is a deterrent for critters.

* Homemade sprays- I don't want anything chemical on my plants. I have heard you can make a spray of 1 gallon water and 1 TBS of hot sauce. You can spray directly on the plants which makes them....um not so yummy to the four legged. :)

Veggies and fruits from my backyard means healthy choices on the table and more money in my wallet...and that works for this mama!

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Mom2fur said...

I'm not much of a gardener (I'm actually desperate enough that I'm trying out the topsy-turvy tomato thing this year), but I don't have too many problems with pests. At least, not the furry or feathered kind. I just throw them peanuts and seeds and it keeps them happy.
I wish I could figure out how to keep ants away, though. The stupid things decided to build a colony right smack in the middle of my lawn. By the time I got rid of them (vinegar seemed to do the trick) I have a big, brown spot. I'm hoping some rain will fix that! (I also hope the little schmoos don't come back!)