Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Every penny counts!

We recently finished our basement and I am in love with our new space! That led me to tackle the laundry room. (Which we shoved everything into during the construction, of course!!) I looked around my clean laundry room and realized I had the clutter under control except some lint and a pile of change.

See ladies, I married a mans man. Which means a fire fighting, fishing, painting a boat man who does not see the need to empty his pockets before throwing his dirty clothes into the pile. (Being the awesome hubby and father we will let this slide :0 )

That when I got this idea....

Let me tell you that now any spare change I find in pockets, on the floor or in the basement go into the bank. It stays neat and we can use the fund to go on a date :)

And that works for this mama....and her man !

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Mom2fur said...

I throw my change into a jar by the washer/dryer, but I think your bank is so much cuter!
I like to cash the change in for gift cards (mostly to either Borders or Amazon) at Coinstar, then I treat myself to new books or magazines.