Sunday, August 1, 2010

Free Red Box Code in Columbus Ohio

Tomorrow night I just happen to have a date night lined up with my love :) We have a gift certificate for a nice dinner out. (In which I will not have to tell anyone "no", cut any small chunks of food and actually get to eat my food while its hot. Imagine that!!)

We lined up the babysitter a week ago so I was thrilled to find a code for a free Redbox movie. (Good in Columbus Ohio only.) Now we get to do dinner and movie for I a cheap date or what!!

In case you are not familiar with Red Box's they look like large pop machines in the front of stores. You run your credit card and they charge you .99 a day. ((I just love getting a movie for .99 since you can't get out of a video store for less than $5 anymore!!)) Really though, what is better than free?!?!

Input the code RBXCMBS into any machine in Columbus Ohio..... good only on Monday August 2nd. Get in your jammies, make some popcorn and put those kids in bed!