Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Back to the Kitchen!

Is it spring yet?!?! We all have had the 10 day flu and we got it 5 days apart! (Meaning someone has been sick in this house for the last three weeks.) I am so ready to be done with sickness, tissues, fevers, chills and anything else sickness related!!! That being said, I need to get back in the kitchen and start cooking some good foods. I have some great recipes I am dying to try...hope they are yummy as they sound!! Happy Eating y'all!!!

Monday: Quick Chicken and noodles, fresh bread, green beans

Tuesday: Johnny Marzetti, salad, garlic bread

Wednesday: Leftover buffet- if its not can eat it !

Thursday: Chicken fajita quesedillas, refried beans with fresh tortilla chips and salsa

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Make your own baked potato bar with chili, cheese, name it!

Sunday: Fra Diavolo Sauce With Pasta, sourdough bread, spinach salad


Chanin said...

Sounds yummy! I love baked potato bar!