Friday, February 11, 2011

The Princess Problem

I HATE entitlement!! Its my biggest pet peeve. When I encounter someone who feels like they are entitled to something in life, I let out a little growl under my breath. (( I am related to some of these said people....... More irritation ensues!))

So you can understand how I am conflicted with the princess problem.

My daughter follows in the line of ten stinky, rough, tackling, fishing, pretend gun toting cousins and brother!! (Not one girl in the whole extended family!) The first time I saw her sweet little face after so many boys my first thought was that she was sure to be a tom-boy. BOY....was I wrong!

She could not be more girly.

She is in love with play jewelry, wants to play dress up, pretends to put on make up, wears play heels around the house, wants to pick her own cute clothes, and loves the colors pink and purple. She is ALL girl.

Lately she has really been into anything princess. It makes me worry a little bit. My vision starts getting cloudy with visions of "toddlers and tiaras" and demanding things from her "throne"!

I am exaggerating of course, its all fun right now. Its my role in it that I am worried about. How should you handle the princess problem?

I have no concern with her watching the movies, dressing up and pretending. She could wear her Cinderella dress to mall for all I care.

Everywhere you turn its pictures of tiaras, castles, wall hangings that state " I'm a princess" or "spoiled". Not exactly the message I want to send to my little girl!

I have been pondering which way I should go with this for a while now. I have landed upon a conclusion that I can live with.

My daughter is a princess.

Because she is a child of the King.

I tell her often. "Do you know that you are a child of the king???" She nods knowingly that yes, of course she is.

He sees her, thinks she is lovely and wants her to act like royalty.

I am called to raise her as a royal child.

To show her that she is beautiful on the inside and out. To live up to her royal calling by putting others before herself, serving where it is needed.

By giving herself the highest of standers. Acting as princess should. Not by demanding her own way but by listening to the King, obeying and serving.

Its a tall order. One that I as her mama have been called to do. "Yikes"...comes to mind.

So I don't mind the tiaras, dress up clothes and princess wall art because the truth is that she is a princess.

But like a true princess its more about a royal calling than what is coming her way.