Friday, February 25, 2011

How you know your pregnant (Like you didn't already?!?!)

* Tums become your dessert of choice....and you have your favorite brand and flavor.

* You are not one for violence, but you suddenly want to karate chop the woman who is coming towards you with hands outstretched to rub your belly like Buddha.

* You just love when people tell you the following phrases:

- You are huge! (Really?!?! That is what I have been dying to hear ?!?! )

- You must be ready to go any minute! (No,actually I have two more months but thanks.)

- You haven't had that baby yet?!?! (Sorry to disappoint you )

* If anyone stands in your way of having a meal....well, good luck to them. (Including your hubs)

*Suddenly the gentle woman you have always strived to be turns into a mama lion when ANYTHING happens to one of your children. I think I have even found myself snarling...that's right.....lip back...growling)

* You can go from ranting to crying to laughing...all within 5 minutes.

* You wonder how you could possibly get any bigger....then you do.

* You have the strangest dreams , when you sleep at all, like giving birth to cats, giant babies and giving birth in the jungle.

* Having a shooting pain that starts in your tush and shoots like a dagger down your leg.

* Burps that cannot be stopped or quited and are as loud and long as a trucker. Usually these escape when your in the middle of church or a parent teacher conference. Classy.

* The baby gives you a swift kick in your special lady parts and you automatically grab your crotch. Most the time in public.

*** Not trading one burp, pain, sleepless night for the wonderful joy that is motherhood!


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