Friday, July 27, 2012

Kids artwork

We have a new nest. Suddenly the things that fit "Oh, so perfect" in our last home doesn't quite fit. Then there are things that the previous owners left attached to the walls. Mpppphfpfh.

That was me biting my tongue.

They left a plate holder that I actually like but I have no plates that would fit. As I scour antique malls and thrift stores for plates that catch my eye, the naked plate holder mocks me.

The kids are in VBS right now and that means there is alot of artwork rolling through our home. Trying to keep the counters de-cluttered is a challenge.

This morning over coffee, I came up with this.

It holds their creations perfectly and it doesn't look cluttery (Yes, I know this is not a real word. ) like it would sticking off of my fridge. Woo hoo!!!

Now I am in no hurry to find that perfect plate!