Sunday, August 24, 2008

A hairy situation

When I was a working girl ( not the old fashioned kind of course! ) I went to a really expensive salon. I worked, had some extra spending money and wanted the latest style so I didn't mind spending alot on my hair. Oh have times have changed. I really cannot afford a $200 cut and weave every 8 - 10 weeks.

So I started talking to my girlfriends. I needed to find a stylist that knew what she was doing ( I have had orange hair before, I know the drama it causes ) had experience but was cheap. My girlfriend that used to work at the foo foo salon told me of a girl that worked there for years but recently left to be closer to home.

What I found was that I could get the same cut, weave and style but I saved $120. That is quite a bit of savings!! Add it up over the course of a year and its a whole lot!! I can't believe that I ever paid the amount of money that I used to pay!! I guess it pays to listen to your girlfriends!!!

To add to my joy of saving money, I just got a call from a research company asking if I would do a focus group. They are going to pay me $75 for 2 hours of taste testing!!! GOD IS SO GOOD!!! This month has been tight for us and I wondering how I could manage to stretch out my hair appointment a few more weeks ( Hats and big sunglasses can get you so far but dark roots are dark roots.. ya know what I mean ? )

I think often times as mama's we put our self last in mostly everything. It kind of makes you feel special to go and spend a couple hours getting your hair done, reading and maybe sipping a mocha. Now I don't have to go broke doing it... woohoo!!