Sunday, October 19, 2008

Great halloween costume #5

A lightning bug

This is so cute and pretty easy to do! A white or grey sweatsuit. Then add a pair of store bought wings. For the lightning bug tail you will need those break and shake glow sticks. Get some iridescent see through material at the fabric store.

Link together pipe cleaners or clear tubing found at the craft store or Hardware store. You want to make a large X with them laying flat on the floor. Attach them at the center where they meet. Then take all four ends and connect them with wire or tape. This will give you a bubble like tail in which you want to stretch the iridescent fabric over. Make sure that you leave a hold in the opening in which the light sticks can be placed.

When attaching tail, simply pin the tail onto the back of the sweatpants with large safety pins. ( Tail will droop but that's ok... it looks "real" ) Put sweatshirt over pins so it cannot be seen.

You may even want to add some antennas to the top of your child's head and apply some iridescent makeup around your cheeks...