Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A spooky tale

I thought it was time for a real life Halloween tale......

I have been getting up now multiple times a night for about eight months now. Her highness, the princess baby, demands my presence for nursing and binky reapplication. This is spooky in its self but what is even more bone chilling is what I see during these nighttime hours.

As I sit in my rocking chair nursing her, I notice that something catches my eye. The first time it was a BIG FAT (I am sure hairy too ) spider. Making its way across my daughters floor like it was taking a stroll in the park. He wasn't even in that big of a hurry!

I freaked out. I let out a scream and lifted my legs in case it decided to change coarse and attack. This of course woke the princess baby sending her into hysterics that took 45 minutes to calm down.

Since then I have seen a parade of creepy crawlers taking walks in my daughters room. It makes me wonder how many bugs come out at night while I am sleeping. I heard a statistic one time about how many bugs we eat while we sleep and now I think it may be true. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!!!

The most recent encounter was particularly bone chilling. I saw this creature that had to have 116 legs. It was booking too, making a bee line to my rocking chair. I felt my breath catch in my throat. This thing that was making its way to us was freaky. My mind started to race to think what I could do or how I could make my escape...... panic. I didn't want to wake the baby...... I decided to pick up one of my daughters baskets and slam in on top of the assailant, pushing down until I was sure that it was trapped.

I left it there all night long and all the next day because my husband was at work and I wasn't looking at that thing. When he got home I told him of the attack and he went in to remove the vile creature. He went in equipped with a trash bag as I cowered in the door behind him ready to make a break for it.....he slowly lifted the basket as I got ready for the multi legged to bolt and I saw.....................................


IT GOT AWAY ! My belief is that it was so strong it simply lifted the basket off of its back and kept going on his way. I am sure its somewhere planning its revenge on me. So now when I nurse I am vigilant. I keep my eyes open, careful not to nod off. The enemy can smell weakness after all!


Anonymous said...

Did that thing look like a centipede (sp?) those things freak me out...I HATE I HATE I HATE them. We have them occasionally and I try not to venture down the path of what may crawl on me at night because I hate bugs.

I can so see me having the same reaction as you did. I scream when I see a huge spider and my husband just laughs...however I don't find it very funny. I have been known to have my 5 yr old son kill bugs for me :-)