Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kids crafts: Garden Rocks!

I love my little garden. What made it even more lovable this year is that my 3 year old helped me plant almost every seed / plant! He dug holes, placed the seeds and covered them up. To mark the spots where we had planted things we put sticks in the ground.

Fast forward a couple weeks later and the sticks are hard to see if they are still there. This makes it very difficult to know what is weed and what is a new veggie springing to life.

Since I am always looking for cheap crafts for the kids to do I killed two birds with one stone. I got out my outdoor acrylic paint that is both UV and water proof and some old paintbrushes. (You can find this at any craft store and usually on sale)
I sent my three year old on a rock scavenger hunt. ((If your super lucky this will buy you 10 minutes to read that chapter in the book you have been meaning to read!)) I then let both my kids paint their rocks any color, any way they want. I won't even get into the call to poison control when my daughter decided to test some out.... yes, I could win mother of the year. Good times.....

They had a ball! I even did my own rocks and almost had as much fun!! We let them dry and then we all marched out to our garden. We removed the sticks and placed a rock by each spot we planted something. Now we know exactly where to look to see if all our hard work payed off. We also have a very colorful garden!

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Melissa said...

What a neat idea! Gotta love crafts that are both fun and useful. Thanks!

Jenny said...

We have been on the journey of getting more into planting (something I'd gotten out of as my little ones were little). I love the little pea rock. And my kids love painting little objects - we don't have a vegetable garden yet, but we'll try it with different flowers or, say, our camelia bushes.

shopannies said...

thanks for this great idea think I know what I will have the kids do next time