Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - The " I'm Bored drawer"

I have been on a bored kick lately. Maybe its because we are trying to save every penny ( I love Dave Ramsey!) and so the kids and I are sticking around the house more and more!

Anywho, I have had a drawer that we have been using alot lately. I call it the "I'm bored drawer!" It has all the fun weird stuff that you get in the goody bags from birthday parties. You know .... the dinosaurs that grow in water, aunt farms, screaming rocket balloons. I let the kids have the candy and edibles and stash the goodies in "the drawer".

In addition, I keep my eyes open at the dollar store. They also have some little trinkets that are really cool and my little ones would like. ( Why are kids attracted to the most cheapest toys? You know the ones that they cry about when they fall apart. After the second time you use them! I guess that's another post!)

When my nerves are jumpin and thin I look longingly at the drawer and wonder how much sanity it can buy me. The kids love getting a "new" trinket, it doesn't cost me very much, if anything and it buys me a solo pee pee trip. Which totally works for me!!

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Anonymous said...

i put stuff like that in the treasure box... more than once. when those cheap toys end up on the floor, i pop them back in the box to use a 2nd time. that makes those cheap toys even cheaper. :)

i love dave ramsey too.