Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hey all !!!

Hey ladies! As you know I have been taking a little blogging break to reflect on where I want the blog to go. The fam and I have been in New York in the midst of beautiful trees, horses and best of all.....quiet.

I thought I would get the shakes being disconnected with the "real world". No e-mail, no phone ringing off the hook etc. To my absolute shock, I was so peaceful and at rest. My hubby and I talked about how much better we felt and how much more connected to one another we were. It made me sit up and take notice.

Maybe this is the message that I have been searching for.

To be still.

To be present.

To enjoy playing in the leaves with my cherubs.

To hold hands with my hubby on a walk.

And NOT to be a slave to the phone, computer or commitments.

So in honor of being still (very hard for me, I assure you) I am cutting back some.

I will only be doing the bargain recipe of the week for Kroger. ( The store that I grocery shop.)

I no longer feel the need for "stuff" to fill this blog. I would rather post stuff that I really care about and love. Such as kids crafts, organization and home things. I am going to start featuring more guy view articles and stuff just for moms. ( Including a monthly feature by a esthetician who will give beauty tips :) ) I mean what mama doesn't need some beauty :)

So I am excited....now I am getting off the computer now so that I can enjoy a cup of tea while my little ones sleep. Because one day they won't take naps anymore and I will do a mental head slap for not taking advantage of this time.....