Thursday, March 18, 2010

Living in my season

There is nearly not a day that goes by when one of my girlfriends reminds me (Or I remind her ) that this is only for a season. ((One of my very best friends has a newborn. You know how much she needs to hear that! :))) When I was breastfeeding every 2 hours weather the sun was up or not, I really cherished these words knowing that this would not last forever. I would sleep again...someday.

Its a comfort in bad times. That trials and tribulations in this life will pass and a new season will rise in its place.

I live in Ohio, so we have seasons galore. I love each and every one of them. We are now headed into the lovely days of spring. New buds are poking through the soil and the air is warm enough for the kids to start whining that they don't want to wear a jacket. I love the season of new growth and limitless possibilities.

So why do I not feel that way in my everyday life? I am so quick to tell myself that it is only for a season, but am I really living in my season?

When my babies are small and I am physically and mentally worn to the bone, am I cherishing the season as well? Living in the season means realizing that this time of wanting to be held all the time will pass. In the blink of an eye. Being replaced by a squirming, talking toddler that I wish would just let me hold them again.

My toddler crying out to play just one more game or one more book when I have a sink full of dishes is only for a season as well. Soon there will be shut bedroom doors and refusal to talk. How I will wish that I read Green Eggs and Ham again or I passed the land of the sugar fairies for the hundredth time.

I have really been convicted the last couple weeks of living in my season and not just enduring it. Enjoying where my kids are NOW but also knowing that these challenges will pass. Its a hard thing to do when the phone is ringing, a little diva is crying and my toddler is pounding on his tool bench....and my nerves.

Dear Lord, Please help me to live in my season and not just endure it to the next. Help me to see the joy in each new moment, even the tough ones!


Anna's Mama said...

Summer...was going through my bookmark sites and found yours. Just so happens you posted something that I totally needed to read today! Thank you! So looking forward to that play date this summer. Susan