Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mama Knows best: End of year teacher gifts

We as mamas have to be innovative and thrifty all in the same beat. Some how we find new ways of doing things that save us money, time and maybe if we are really blessed.... sanity!

Everyone I know right now is scrambling to come up with a unique end of year teacher gift so here are few!

Class Flower Pot - Put each students hand print with uv/water safe paint along with their name. Place a potted flower inside. The teacher can use it year after year and remember her class!

Personalized Dish Towels- Get a couple of white sack cloth large dishtowels. (I get mine at the dollar store) Have the kids write one thing they love about their teacher with washable paint.

Personalized book- Companies such as Shutterfly has great on-line books that you can make with your own captions and pics. Compile pics from field trips, class pictures, and even handwritten letters from the kids. (I really love when the kids write what they love about their teacher or a difference they have made in their lives.)

Pedicure Gift Certificate- Who doesn't like their pigs painted? :)

Coffee / Tea Basket - Get a lovely basket and fill it with gourmet coffee, bags of fruit flavored teas, a coffee mug (the ones that I found at the $1 store this week would be perfect. Have your little person decorate the mug.....make sure you include the year!) a fancy stirring spoon, honey sticks, chocolate covered spoons, some fancy chocolates, anything decadent for your sweet teacher!

Movie pack - Get one of these giant buckets I found at the dollar store and fill it with a gift certificate from a movie store, microwave popcorn, movie boxes of candy, some fuzzy slippers and a candle. Perfect movie night in !

Do you have a money/time/sanity tip to share? E-mail me at everythingmom@live.com