Friday, May 7, 2010

What mothers really want for Mothers day!

I posted this last year but still find it oh so true, so I thought I would post it again with some updates! Happy Mothers day to all you awesome mothers!!

When you ask a Mama what she really wants for Mothers day, you will often get the following answers.

"I don't need anything. Just being your mama is enough..."

" You are my gift "

" I need a new skillet or maybe a vacuum"

I thought I would break it down and list some things that mamas really want for mothers day. (Or at least Mamas of toddlers / young ones)

To be able to eat a meal- while its hot!

To be able to have one phone conversation without interruption or saying "excuse me... Miles is on top of the buffet... I'll have to call you back."

To be able to take a shower for longer than 3 minutes and without "visitors".

To have all the kids NOT SICK at one time.

To get a report for the sitter or Sunday school teacher that your little one was a delight and OH SO kind to others.

To be able to listen to a song you love on the radio in the car with the kidlets in the backseat. ( Every time a good song comes on that's the time my son decides to ask me how a fire hydrant works or why grandpa lives so far away. )

To be able to take a bath and read a couple chapters in a book... without hearing screaming on the other side of the door.

For your heart not to break when you think someone has hurt your child's feelings

For your little ones to stay little just a while longer. (Except, of course, if your having one of THOSE days in which you quickly wish they were 25 and out of the house.)

To be able to protect your babies from every hurt... emotional and physical.

To have a babysitter that lives next door, is a elementary school teacher/ pediatric nurse who loves nothing more than to read and sing to your children.

To have energy to not just collapse at the end of the day.

To have your hubby say " You have had a rough day...let me cook dinner, do the dishes, bath the kids and put them down while you relax."

A clean house that stays that way for at least an hour.

To get through a meal without an "ewww" "I don't like this" or "I am not hungry."

What is so fabulous about being a mama is that although I would love to have the above items...... I wouldn't trade all of them for one moment with my babies. Isn't motherhood wonderful??

Happy Mothers day to all your AWESOME mama's out there! Your job is priceless and worth more than all the gold in the world.