Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Birthay tips

A long, long time ago in a far off land, I was an event Planner. I loved it. Everything about it. It was exciting and adrenaline and emotions ran high. Then I became a mama ....and really fell in love with my new job. Literally.

So I love the chance to plan parties for my new little bosses. I recently had a 4th birthday monster truck palooza and had some things work out really well. I thought since all of us have birthdays, I would share and maybe save you some hassle and money :)

Have Stations- Instead of trying to gather everyone (Especially five four year olds- comparable to herding cats.) set up activity stations. They can choose to do the activity or not and people can visit at different times so that there is no pushing, shoving or gnashing of teeth.

I set up a card table and made it a tattoo station. I mean what is a monster truck party without some tats...right?

Hire a Young'in to do the dirty work- I had one of my young friends who is a senior in college come and help with the party. She is awesome at taking pictures so I had her take all the pics. Leaving me with free hands to help with gifts and give hugs. It worked out beautifully!

She also help me decorate, set out the food, watch the little one while I got things ready and she manned the tattoo station. I can tell you it was the best idea ever and worth every cent of the gift card I got her!

**Try to find someone who is thinking of going into event planning because they will come and help for free to get experience!.**

Use what you have- I hate buying decorations that are paper and you will never use again! Chances are that whatever theme party your kids have, is something that they are into. Thus, they probably have things related laying somewhere in their room.

In this case, I found several monster trucks and racing paraphernalia in his room. It not only made great decorations that was fitting, it was also practical because it held the paper products down. :)

Serve Appropriate Food- I looooooove themes. I love when the food of a party corresponds with the theme. My girlfriend recently had a Bolt party for her son. ( Bolt is a dog ) She served the food in brand new dog bowls and even served chow. (Which was a mixture of chex, chocolate, peanut butter and other yummy stuff.) It was genius!!

For my son's event we acted like we were really at a monster truck rally. We got the plastic nacho containers and had nachos and yummy- bad for you -cheese. We cooked hot dogs, put them in their buns then wrapped them in butcher paper to serve. (Just like at stadiums. ) We also provided a variety of different little bags of chips, popcorn in the paper popcorn bags and a variety of water, pops and juices. It really felt like fair food and everyone loves it ! I know GFS has a variety of commercial items like these for cheap!

Use your Resources- After ordering expensive cakes for years, we found out that our much loved neighbor creates wonderful cakes in the comfort of her own home...and for a very reasonable price! It has saved us a ton already and it turns out more creative then store bought. Start asking around...I guarantee you will find someone! (Or at least someone that knows someone!)

Everyone had a great time and my son couldn't wipe the smile off his face. I also saved a ton of money by using what we had.....and that works for this mama!
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Eos Mom said...

Great tips! I've love the "fair food" idea that made it feel like being at a truck event!

~Alison~ said...

Sounds like some great tips!

I love the tattoo station idea!

Thanks for sharing your party tips!