Thursday, June 10, 2010

Local Mamas- Summer reading program!

Saturday I had the pleasure of signing up my children (and myself) for the summer reading program at Columbus Public Libraries. I have always been a fan of the library but I had no idea how many things they had to offer until this weekend.

This is how it works. For every 15 minute that you read to your child, they get to cross a box off their map. When they cross so many boxes off of the map,they win prizes!! (They also get points for going to any summer activity at the library!)

Since reading is how we tell our children that we value education and learning, the summertime is a great time to bring these values into our homes!! I was also impressed at how many other programs that the library offers to everyone free of charge!

Since I am all about saving money, I thought maybe you would be interested in these things too!

* Job Help Centers- Did you know that ALL library locations ( There are 22!!) have staff to help to assist with ....

-basic e-mail training
-On line applications and job searching
-Resume help
-Basic computer training
-Internet job searching

I was blown away with all this training for free! If you have any questions you can contact them at 645-2ask!

* Homework Help Centers - Did you know that your library has homework help for your kids? Contact your local Library to see about hours and programs!

* Ready to Read Program- This is a neighborhood program that gets children ready for school before kindergarten by...

- Ready to read workshops
- Free story time workshops
-Library Cards
-Early Literacy Kits
-Ready to Read training to in-home childcare providers
-Books to check out on the spot!

For more info call 614-769-0757

In honor of reading I will be posting a couple books a week that the library recommends to read to your little one. Happy reading everyone!!


Amanda said...

We live in Columbus too, and I hadn't realized I could sing my son (17months)up. I did, and we're almost to the first prize already! I even signed myself up too! This is the first time I've done a summer reading club EVER!

I love my library and storytime!