Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Kids craft- Library bags!!

I am all about summer reading programs at our local library. I also love that my kids squeal in delight when I say we are headed to get books. What I don't like so much???? Lugging all the books my children can throw at me. It makes my back ache and I get cranky.

And who likes a cranky mama, right?!?!

To remedy this problem I thought the kids could spend an afternoon making their very own library bags. Nothing was off limits. They could decorate it however they wanted because it was their bag. The only catch was that they had to take,use and carry their own bag on library trips. This meant that they could not over stuff their bags and if it got too heavy they had to save some books for next time. ((sneaky, huh?))

I found great cloth bags at Hobby Lobby for $1.49. (They also have a coupon in many of the Sunday papers.) I had some puffy foam cloth paints and some iron-on's in my craft drawer. Then I let them go to it. (I did the ironing.) They had a ball!!!

They got really creative and I even got in on the action :) I love the way they turned out. I REALLY love that they are even more excited to go to the library!!!
No more back aches.....and that works for this mama!

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Anonymous said...

this is a great idea!! i have three little kids and we LOVE going to the library but trying to get out with my huge overstuffed bag of books and make it across the library parking lot with the bag and all of the kids and making sure we're all hoding onto each other . . . . not my favorite part! now why didn't i think of this before? Thank you!