Friday, October 8, 2010

Holy Wars

I have 2 delightful children and am cooking the third. I love my little brood and I love their distinct personalities ...well, sometimes.

The current dilemma in our house is saying grace before meals.

My son has always been the little evangelist. He loves to say grace and I am quite proud of him. He has learned not to recite but to really make it personal. He will ask for God to keep daddy safe while at work, to help sissy with her cold or when he is really hungry he thanks God for the "best food ever". Its sweet and makes me smile.

Enter the little sister.

She is sassy. In every way. She may be little in stature but she is BIG in personality. She has figured out that it bugs her darling brother if she tries to say grace...over top of his grace.

Number 1 gets truly enraged, even daring to growl and bang his fist on the table in the middle of thanking the Lord for or food. This of course delights number 2 and results in giggles and grins. Which just makes my son all the more angry.

I am sure that the Lord is more amused that I am at these times.

I try to explain that we are thanking God for our food and that this is not appropriate. We have tried taking turns saying grace, disciplining my daughter, both saying it. I have exhausted my list of options.

Being the cooker of #3 I can hardly wait (sarcasm intended) to see what he/she brings to the dinner table.

Isn't that the great part of being in a family, though? All those moments that cannot be planned and that make you laugh later. It makes me love this job as a mama and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Well....most days anyway.

I guess for now, its our own little Holy war.


Anonymous said...

Here's what some friends from church do - they switch off who gets to go first every other day. Daughter #1 gets to say hers first, then Daughter #2 (who reminds me ALOT of your #2) goes. The next day, they flip flop.

Christy said...

Your two sound a lot like my first two, who are now 16 and 14 and best friends. I know it's annoying when older moms say, "It gets better," but hang it; it really does.

Besides, they could be arguing over the remote!

Marcy said...

I love being a part of your little holy makes me giggle. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have a great idea, why don't you all say the same prayer together at the same time until they get older and reserve the solitary prayers for bedtime. I'm a genius! Your greatest friend in the whole wide world ;)

Jennifer said...

Well, I know it's annoying when older moms say, "It gets better," but hang it; it really does.