Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Works for me Wednesday: Keeping the house clean

So this is a kind of generic WFMW but it does really work for me and my sanity so I thought I would share!

I clean my house on Saturday mornings and it really works for me. The hubs usually takes the kiddos for me or they watch toons, I get the house cleaned and I start the week with a fresh clean house.

Its about Monday night when I realize the house doesn't feel so clean anymore. I give a heavy sigh.

I then started a new routine that really keeps my life so much easier.

I go through Wednesday morning and wipe out the sinks and kitchen with a cloth very quickly. I also get my little cordless sweeper and sweep any major crumbs or granola and the hardwood floors. It takes 30 minutes but it keeps the house looking nice all week long which helps me stay relaxed.

And that works for everyone that lives in this house!

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