Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sure! I'll make cookies- a great deal!

It seems like the calls are coming more abundantly.

The preschool teacher wants to know if we can all bring in cookies. ( Along with the church, ladies meetings, neighbors gifts...you get the idea!)

I love baking and often do it from scratch because I enjoy it. If you do not enjoy it however, its not much of a blessing. :) ((Or if like me, you are overwhelmed with cookie request.))

The thought of making homemade sugar, butter or cream cheese cutouts makes me tired.

That is why I am sharing this great deal with my girlfriends.

This week at Kroger Krusteaz Cookie Mix is on sale for $1.29. There are several coupons in the paper for $1 off per box. When I went to purchase the cookie mix I noticed that on the sugar cookie mix there are peelies for $.55 off which doubles at Kroger. Making the Sugar Cookie mix $.19 a box!!!!

I tried it out at home and the cookies are delicious. :)

My holidays just got more jolly ......


Candi said...

I feel the same way. Did you know you can use these to make cake too? I did it tonight. AMAZING! I did a pumpkin cake using the snickerdoodle cookie mix (didn't use the cinnamon/sugar mixture). Added 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder. I'm sharing the recipe next week on my recipe blog.