Friday, January 7, 2011

Enough !!!!

What is enough?

When do you say when?

When are you "filled up"?

When do you get to be content?

These questions have really been on my mind these last couple of months. I think somewhat in part because I am fed up with people and materialism and being pregnant, I am not afraid to say so. (Ooops....did I write that out loud?.....I am blaming the hormones.)

I feel like my eyes have been opened throughout the last six months about how little things, objects and material things really mean.

I have several people I know that continually seek out the next thing.

Bigger. Better. More. They call it ambition.

I call it seeking some things that will never, ever fill you up.

Because the horrible, awful, wonderful truth of the matter is that all of those things will perish and fade and can be lost tomorrow.

Too many times you feel like if you just get to this station in life, if you just have this next thing, you will feel ok. Then you achieve that next thing and you long for the next thing...and then the next. It never ends.

I am here to tell you that God is working on my heart about this very matter. I am reminded by a touch of a little hand or the chipped tooth smile of an angel on earth that what I need to strive after is investing time into my faith, family and friends.

If I were to fall ill tomorrow, I would not have my lovely house, my nice car or my cute clothes to sit by my bed and hold my hand. All the time I spend in trying to get ahead in this world, while missing out on precious moments with my littles is time wasted. I shall never get the moments back of a child simply wanting to spend time with their mama.

I believe in the very depths of my soul that contentment is both a gift and choice. Sometimes, you just need to take a huge step back and choose contentment. The truth is, what we have in this country is unimaginable to most of the rest of the world. What someone wouldn't give for kids that are healthy or not to worry where food is coming from to fill their baby's belly's tonight.


My payer for 2011 is simple. My prayer is that I will choose contentment everyday I am blessed enough to open my eyes and have the great opportunity to see, hear and hug my precious ones.

Please Lord, let me see my blessings in the everyday. Let YOU be enough for this stressed, tired and dare I say.... hormonal mama.


Kasey said...

Great post. Thanks for putting things into perspective for me.

Erin McGraw said...

Hi Summer,
I didn't know you blogged. I found you randomly on blogher. Too funny. Great post and a with great thoughts to remember throughout the year.

Marcy said...

I agree to an extent, but also see nothing wrong with working hard and buying nice things if that is part of what makes you happy. Material objects certainly can't fill a void - that is so true. And ultimately people are much more important than any "thing" could ever be. But I do think it is possible to have healthy priorities and to like nice things at the same time.