Friday, July 29, 2011

Project Kitchen Organization: Coffee Shelf

I will be the first to admit that I went a little crazy with the nesting when I was pregnant with my last princess. I was like a mad woman with the crazy look in her eye and all. My family simply stepped to the side and let me do my thing. (Often stepping over piles of containers, bags and bins)

After the baby I found the organization very useful and effective and am thankful that I got it all done. I thought I would take the next couple of weeks to go through and share some of the things that worked really well. Happy Organizing!!

We are coffee drinkers in this house! When someone tells us that they don't drink coffee I shudder and question our friendship. :)

When you are a coffee drinker you may have alot that goes with the morning ritual. Filters, sweetener, creamer, stir sticks. It can become overwhelming!

I have found a solution that works for us.

I have used a bottom shelf right above our coffee maker and made it our "coffee shelf". (I also include salt, pepper, Kosher salt, our favorite seasoning and toothpicks.) Everything we need is right there for easy convenience. I also find it easier to know if we are running low on something for grocery list without digging!

Today I will be posting at "I'm an Organizing junkie".


gail said...

i've had a coffee shelf for years! its a real lifesaver. i also store our coffee in the cupboard---i didn't see any coffee on your shelf??? do you have it nearby? thanks for posting =)

Sarah said...

Nice organization! I just did my coffee area a few weeks ago too.

Summer said...

Gail- We keep our coffee in the fridge :)

Sarah said...

FYI I had once heard about keeping beans in the fridge but then I read a great book all about coffee. The author's recommendation was to keep it in the freezer divided into the amount you use in one week (and then getting out one week at a time). S/he said the fluctuating temp/humidity of taking it in/out of the fridge is worse for the beans!)