Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: School time!

I won't even get started about my emotions on my first born starting school. (I have a tissue in my hand right now!) I do know that I need simple easy meals that I don't have to think about while we get into the swing of things!! This also means trying to stretch our meats again. (I use this weeks pot roast leftovers to make yummy beef and noodles !!!) Happy eating y'all !!!

Monday: BBQ chicken, mac and cheese, baked beans and salad

Tuesday: Pork stir fry, egg rolls, brown rice

Wednesday: Leftover buffet- Big Mama is not cookin!!!

Thursday: Crock pot beef roast, roasted carrots and broccoli

Friday: Pizza Night !

Saturday:BBQ chicken wraps (see below) with fresh garden salsa

Sunday: Beef and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans

BBQ Chicken Wraps

Take leftover BBQ chicken and cut into strips or chunks. Brush a whole wheat tortilla with some extra bbq sauce and fill with cheddar cheese and tomatoes.

Fold bottom up, then both opposite sides, until tightly folded.

Grill seam side down, about 10 minutes or until golden. (Turning halfway through)