Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Works for me Wednesday- using leftover meats

I am revisiting this from an earlier post. Times are tough and I don't know about you but I hate to see ANYTHING go to waste these days. I also get my little prince to eat some veggies!

I made homemade fried rice! It was easy and delicious and got my little guy to eat veggies and protein. He loved it! I thought I would share.... Either use a little butter or the oil of your choice in a large pan. ( We are Paula Deen lovers over here so you know we use butter :) )

You can then saute a chopped onion or leave it out depending on your little one. - Mine loves the taste of onion but I know not all rugrats do! After the onion or in place of add two eggs and stir until they are firmly scrambled.

Then add a 1/2 bag of frozen peas and carrots and stir until veggies are warm. While the veggies are cooking, prepare whole grain minute rice.

Add the cooked rice to the veggie mixture and stir. Add (or don't add) your leftover meat cubed. Finally add low sodium soy sauce to taste.

The kids seem to love the rice so much they don't realize that they are also eating veggies and protein... woohoo!!!


Lisa said...

A great way to us up almost any kind of leftover meat or veggie! And healthy too, I think you've got a winner. Thanks.

Ann Kroeker said...

Okay, now I know what we're having for lunch!

Wani said...

I love fried rice! And FYI it freezes pretty well so don't be afraid to make a double batch and save half for another day!

Kirby3131 said...

I love stir fry - yummmm Sometimes it is difficult to think of what to do with just a little hunk of meat - this is a winner!

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Have a Great Day!

~~tonya~~ said...

Great recipe!! TFS