Saturday, January 24, 2009

Great deals at JC Penny

I was walking the mall with a friend yesterday. She went into JC Penny and so of course I went with her although I had nothing to look for. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID!!!

If you haven't been in JC PENNY for a while you should go and check it out. They have alot of very cute stuff. They have a new brand called American Living and it reminds me of POLO.

Anywho.... they are running a HUGE sale. They have so much on clearance that it is crazy. AND its buy one clearance item get another FREE!!! You can mix and match throughout the whole store.

I got a heavy American Living sweater that is so cute and a Maidenform bra ( The girls need help since stopping the breastfeeding :) ). I got both items for a total of.... $14.00. Then at checkout they gave me a coupon for a survey. If I take the survey they will give me another 15% off my entire purchase......including clearance items. I am taking the survey and going back this weekend... that is how good the deals are there!

You guys need to check this out!!!!

On a side note..... I got my son some ball hats at the Children's Place for 1.99..... stock up now for Summer!


Lisa said...

Boy, I need to shop with you! :) I went to Penny's (do only Michiganders call it that?) a couple weeks back, and most of the clearance items were HIDEOUS! (and I like to shop there normally) Apparently I need to go back and check a little more closely. I went with my parents, but we did have Christopher and Ian along with us no wonder I couldn't look very thoroughly. :)

Congrats on the great deals!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing! We love our Penney's store - maybe I'll make a trip this afternoon!

Nick Billock said...

Macy's is also having a great sale. I got TWO Rothschild coats for my girls for a total of 24.00!!! They are having a take 40% off already marked down sale!!