Friday, January 23, 2009

What ever happened to good manners?

Okay this is my Friday rant... hang with me.

Maybe its just me. Possibly I am part of a dying group of people. The group in which believes and ~~-shock-~~ uses, manners. My mama raised me right. She told me to thank people and say your welcome. Please was a must and you say excuse me. Now my mama is from the south but should manners be a cultural thing? I was raised thinking that EVERYONE should use them because it is polite and gracious.
There is nothing that raises my blood pressure more than when I hold the door for someone and they breeze right through like I am a doorman. Doorwoman.... you know what I mean. Don't even get me started on the grocery store experience. I don't know about you ladies but I ALWAYS say excuse me when I need to maneuver my cart in front of someone gazing at the peas. Isn't that just common sense? Am I being too hard on people?

I don't think I am. I surely know there are more important things in this world to worry about. Our world is chop full of real problems of real people. In my mind this makes manners even nicer. A little way to relate to all people and let them know that you respect them as a creation of God. ( Even if they seem like they are mean and rude.. grrrrr )
I once dated a boy from Texas. I remember he left the best impression with my mom because he answered her questions with yes mamm. That left an impression on me. It was a sign of respect for your elders.... something that we have all but lost in this country.
So I will continue to instill the dying art of manners to my children. I want my son to open doors with a smile and I would like my daughter to say excuse me while passing me in the hall to answer the phone. So instead of drilling it into them I will lead by example. I use sir when ordering my salami at the deli. I say thank you when people hold the door for me and my caravan of a stroller. Hopefully my children will see its value and choose to use their manners. Maybe I will tell my son when he gets older that it will make the ladies swoon..... whats the harm in a little incentive. :) he he he


Nick Billock said...

How about this. My waiter talked on his blue tooth while waiting on my table at Applebee's the other day!! I.Was.Mortified.

Lisa said...

Here here! I don't think it's only a cultural thing (at least I hope not), because I was raised the same way and we are true northerners. But, you are so right...I don't understand how people can be so rude. We're doing what we can to instill good manners in our sons, and so far it seems to be working. :)

Nick...Just, wow. I wouldn't hope for someone to lose their job or anything...but I certainly hope he's had a talking-to from his manager.