Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kroger's secret stash..... check it out!

I don't know about your Kroger but my Kroger has a secret room. Its full of manager mark downs and little orange stickers that makes my heart go pitter pat. Its in the place where the garden center should be by the produce/ floral department. They usually have a couple of things but this time the whole place was filled with name brands, organics, furniture... it was amazing! I asked the cashier why so many deals and she told me that they got too much in at one time. WORKS FOR ME!

I went shopping today and found the best deals!!!

Huggies diapers for $4.99!

Chicken stock ( 32 ounce) for $1.00.

Disposable tin ( I use these for freezing meals for later) a 3 pack for .25.

The big Folgers coffee for $3.49.

and much more.....

I was so excited I called my friend and asked if she wanted anything! My Kroger is on Bethel Road but you may want to ask if your Kroger has their manager markdowns in one central location. It would be worth the trip!


cherice said...

Wow, that's where I go so this will REALLY help! Thanks.

Marcy said...

I'm so proud...taking pictures of your groceries! It only took a year but I have rubbed off on you! LOL. Thanks for grabbing some stuff for me too!